How we help

Care you can TRUST. Results you can FEEL.

Our foundation for treatment is based in the methodologies of Bowen Therapy, Homeopathy and Strategic Psychotherapy, all separate but complementary approaches for treating a wide range of symptoms and complaints. All services are provided by an experienced, qualified allied health practitioner (click here to meet Laurie).

The treatment is a series of gentle moves to promote circulation and nerve flow, mobilising your body’s built-in healing system. It gives relief from muscular skeletal conditions, sports injuries, joint aches and other pain.
We investigate your symptoms with a view to understanding where the imbalance is and then, via the use of micro-diluted medicines, stimulate the body into a healing response, helping to reduce the symptoms.
We have a keen interest in helping clients choose a healthy lifestyle that enhances their body’s ability to function well. Our blog is full of health tips and strategies to help you transition to a healthier you! ​

How can we help YOU?

From the moment you walk through the clinic door, you’ll begin to relax in the beautiful, natural environment as you listen to the native birds moving amongst the leafy branches of the fruit trees only meters away. Most of our clients wish they could spend a few more minutes in the waiting room!

The consultation is a chance for us to explore what is going on for you and find the best way forward. Whether you’re dealing with back or neck pain, recent injury, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis, teething babies, sleep difficulties, stress related symptoms or if you simply need another perspective, we’re happy, and able, to assist.

Just make an appointment and we’ll get started!