About us

We put YOUR health in YOUR hands.

Who we are

Hands on Homeopathics is an allied health care and complementary medicine clinic, established in 2004 and  based in Eatons Hill (Brisbane northside, Queensland) . 

Services are managed by a qualified, approachable and experienced practitioner – Laurie Morrison – who you can read more about below.

Our Approach

We believe individuals live healthier, happier lives when they are given access to effective, practical health strategies and encouraged to be active participants in their own health care journey.

We have the deepest care and respect for our clients and appreciate the trust you place in us as part of your health care team.

Time for a change?

If you think it’s time for a different approach and you’re looking for a caring and approachable practitioner who genuinely wants the best for you, please get in touch.

Should you be feeling uncertain about trying something new, please don’t let that stop you. Henry Ford is quoted as saying…“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Why choose us?

We take time to listen to how you feel, what you need, your questions, your lifestyle, your symptoms. Our therapies are not one size fits all – we focus on what YOU need to get better or improve your health.

The ‘Hands On’ approach is surprisingly gentle and yet so effective! You’ll find us very approachable and focused on helping you work out a treatment plan so you can feel better soon.

We have a keen interest in helping clients choose a healthy lifestyle that enhances their body’s ability to function well. Drawing on both clinical and personal experience we can help you transition to a healthier you!

Clients often come to us when they have exhausted other options. Homeopathy can often treat symptoms even when a diagnosis is not available. Bowen Therapy is truly therapeutic, with many clients saying their function was restored and pain relieved within one or two treatments.

Hands on Homeopathics has been established in Eatons Hill since 2004. We make every effort to ensure that what we offer in the way of information, treatment, resources and health care education is practical, up-to-date, realistic and sustainable. We also work closely with other health professionals to provide you with a solid referral network and more choices about your health care.

We have countless testimonials from clients who have benefitted from our health services over the last 15 years.

If it’s time for a different approach and you’re looking for a caring and approachable practitioner who genuinely wants the best for you, please contact us for an appointment.

Laurie Morrison

Laurie Morrison

Qualifications: Bachelor Health Science (Complementary Medicine) Advanced Diploma of Homoeopathy Certificate of Strategic Psychotherapy Diploma Bowen Therapy Memberships: Australian Register of Homoeopaths Bowen Therapy Federation of Australia

Meet Laurie

I’m grateful that you’re taking time to look at options for yourself or your family. It’s time well spent!

I’ve been a Complementary Medicine and Allied Health practitioner since 2004 and I believe that building a strong therapeutic relationship with my clients helps them achieve the results they are seeking. I will always take time to hear you and help you develop a plan to move forward.

My approach is down-to-earth, using treatments that are tried and proven in clinical practice and I will support you by providing information and education that enables you to make appropriate and practical choices about your health care. The emphasis is on appropriate intervention, prevention and putting your health back in your hands!
Apart from the clinic I enjoy spending time with my family. We often refer to them as the Crew, a name we adopted after time spent on our sailing vessel StoryTime. We love to cook and eat together and most evenings we pour a cup of tea after dinner so we can sit around and chat just a little longer.

Outdoor time is also something we really value; time spent camping, hiking, sailing or simply walking near the beach. Like everyone else there are also lots of mundane chores to be done…tasks like laundry and lawn mowing, all part of the privilege of owning clothes and having a yard!

As parents of four, now adult, children, my husband and I are venturing into another new stage. Like every family we’ve experienced a number of challenges along the way and I’m well aware of the effort associated with raising a dynamic, connected family. It’s no easy task and there is nothing I enjoy more than sharing what I can with others as they negotiate their own unique experience.

In 2017 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Since then I’ve been on a steep learning curve, about what it means to be the patient and how to advocate my own treatment pathway. I’m very thankful for the experience and what it has brought into my life, more respect for the application of appropriate self care and a greater level of compassion and care for those who find themselves in circumstances they don’t expect. Elements of conventional Cancer care along with Homeopathy, Psychotherapy, a plant based diet, Acupuncture and more regular exercise have formed my treatment plan. I’ve learned that having a caring support network including professionals you can trust on your healthcare bus is invaluable.

I remember asking my husband to come with me, because I felt uncertain, when I first took one of my children to a Homoeopath. It seems funny now, when I look back, because the Homeopath was so normal and caring. Best of all, we got such quick results that I decided I really needed to learn more. That was a long time ago! I hope your experience will be just as rewarding.

Need help? Give Laurie a call!

Call Laurie on 0417 636 582 to discuss your needs or arrange a consultation. Our clinic is based in Eatons Hill, north Brisbane, in a lovely peaceful environment. Make sure to arrange an appointment before visiting!