As part of our mission to make a real difference to our clients’ health, we provide a limited range of practical, effective health products. These are all products we believe in and recommend because they provide clear health and lifestyle benefits.
Zazen water filters

Zazen water filters

Zazen Alkaline Water Systems provide a great tasting, mineral rich, toxin free water for a fraction of the cost of bottled water! Helping you keep well hydrated for a longer, healthier life while minimising environmental impact are key reasons we recommend drinking Zazen Alkaline water. Zazen alkaline mineral water costs just 5 cents per litre! To buy a Zazen system, please get in touch.
Stepflex orthotics

Step Flex orthotics

Step Flex preformed orthotics allow your feet to mould to the shape that nature intended, providing relief from a multitude of aches and pain caused by misalignment. A print of your feet, taken in the clinic, identifies if flat feet or high arches are creating excess pressure and if the orthotics are recommended for you. Contact us for more information.

SAFE health supplements

SAFE supplements

We stock a limited number of SAFE (Sustainable Agriculture and Food Enterprises) supplements to support healthy immune function and assist our clients with specific nutritional requirements, in particular creating a more alkaline body state to support better health. SAFE is 100% Australian owned and uses Australian products wherever possible. ​To order, please contact us.
Magnesium Diasporal

Magnesium Diasporal

Magnesium deficiency is associated with many common complaints: muscle tension and cramps, migraine and headache, menstrual discomfort, poor sleep, low mood and even diabetes. Magnesium Diasporal is an easily absorbed and fast acting form of this essential mineral, which our clients love because it helps them feel better and it tastes good too! To buy magnesium, please get in touch.

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